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BIAMC History

The BIAMC officially had its first meeting in August of 2002 when members of 3 services (Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy) met together and then rode to an event in Seattle, WA. However, the club was originally conceived in November of 2001.

It was at this time that our founder had just been mobilized following the tragic events of 11 SEP 01. An avid rider, he began to think of joining a club that reflected his values and shared the bond of military service and motorcycling. Membership in the Harley Owner's Group (HOG) was fine, but he felt he had little in common with the majority of members, other than owning a Harley.

While conducting his research, he only found clubs that catered to veterans. While many of them opened up membership to those currently serving, the majority had members from a different generation and, again, there wasn't a lot of commonality.

During this time period, he was discussing the potential of a club with two future BIAMC members as well as several others. But things didn't really take off until June 2002, when the founder had a chance meeting with another servicemember on a Puget Sound Ferry. The two hit it off and the BIAMC was that much closer to reality. Over the next couple of months several people, who would become charter members of the BIAMC, made plans which led to that first August meeting.

Initially, there were two clubs: Brothers In Arms MC and Sisters in Arms MC. It was decided that those who serve, or have served, regardless of race, color, creed or gender, should continue to unite under one banner when it came to the club. The Sisters In Arms MC was absorbed by the Brothers In Arms MC in 2003.

Since 2002, the club has expanded with chapters in Washington, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and Illinois. We have interested parties in a variety of other states.

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